environmentally friendly

Andres AG continually reduces its impact on the environment and saves on resources.

Our products comply with all the regulations and guidelines according to REACH and RoHS.



The residue from the cutting oil is centrifuged, filtered and recycled into the manufacturing cycle in separate (medtech / industry) cutting oil tanks. Metal chips from production are recycled.



Since the end of 2022, we have been producing around 25% of our electricity requirements ourselves with our PV system (170kWp).
Thanks to our energy saving device E-Power, we save 5% electricity every year. We have been manufacturing exclusively with 100% Swiss hydropower since 2015.



The rinsing water is treated in an automatic waste water treatment plant in the split process.


Building technology

Since the complete renovation of the building envelope, we have almost reached the Minergie standard of a family home. The oil heating system was replaced with a heat pump. Through the recovery of heat from our compressors, a large part of the waste heat is reused for heating. On the CNC lathe machines, oil mist extraction systems ensure the air is clean and the climate is pleasant for the staff. 



The industrial cleaning unit with integrated ultrasound uses environmentally-friendly modified alcohol. The medtech parts are cleaned separately in a water-based process.



We use recycled packaging boxes or reusable containers to ship our turned parts.