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So that the turned parts arrive to you in perfect condition, they must be properly packed. 

We offer different types of packaging, tailored to the needs of each customer: 

  • Parts that are not sensitive are delivered in bulk in plastic bags, optionally with a set packing unit on request, e.g. in VCI pressure lock bags (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor).
  • We deliver sensitive parts held in place in containers, i.e. disposable racks or trays with wells. 
  • We can vacuum-pack your parts on request. 
  • We will gladly use packaging material supplied by the customer or reusable containers. 

Please let us know what you would like.




We offer our customers various solutions for logistics:

  • With blanket orders, we store your parts. You benefit from attractive prices and the shortest delivery times. 
  • On request, we can deliver your parts to a consignment store on your premises. Our level of quality allows you to ship-to-stock, so you cut down on inspection costs.